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Patrons of the Charity




スティーヴァン グレイストン
Stephen Grayston
Hanshi Judan
範士 十段 会長 真道流空手道初代始祖
Shindō-Ryu Karate-Dō
Kodō Butoku Renmei
会長 古道武徳連盟
Hanshi no iinkai
委員長 範士の委員會
Vice-President of Foreign Affairs
Dai-Nippon Seibukan Budō/Bugei Kai
• 2009 Interview Tele 8 TV (Italy).
• 2009 Appointed Senior Advisor - Okinawa Seito-Ryu Karate-Do.
• 2009 Appointed Vice-President of Foreign Affairs - Dai Nippon Seibukan Budo Bugei Kai (Kyoto, Japan). Under office of International Director.
• 2009 Training in Karate-Do for 45 years.
• 2009 Teaching Traditional Karate-Do for 33 years.
• 2008 Again awarded HANSHI title - Dai-Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei Kai (Kyoto, Japan).
• 2007 Appointed Editor-in-Chief Kodoka Magazine
• 2005 Senior Master & Organiser of KODOSAI Stratford-upon-Avon. Embassy of Japan (UK) event number 0031 in the Japan EU Exchange Year.
• 2004 Toured JKF Dojo in Tokyo, Wakayama, and Osaka (Japan) demonstrating Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do.
• 2003 Awarded JUDAN 10 Dan by Sekai Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei board.
• 2003 Resolution from the State of Maryland (USA) for dedication to Karate and Anglo-Japanese relations
• 2003 Official Commendation from the Embassy of Japan (UK) for 40 years in Karate.
• 2002 Appointed European Senior Technical Advisor: Sekai Renmei No Bugeika
• 2002 Senior Course Director NK02 event Kissimee, Florida (USA).
• 2002 Appointed Honorary Member Tokushima Budo Council by the late Alfred Bates-hanshi
• 2001 Appointed member of the Okinawan 'Ashita Shakai' organisation (only four westerners have ever been allowed membership).
• 2001 Major participant in Embassy of Japan’s ‘JAPAN 2001’ event (UK).
• 1996 Awarded ‘HANSHI’ title presented by Minami Hiroshi-sama (Embassy of Japan).
• Chairman of the elite masters Board 'Hanshi no Iinkai'.
• President & Chairman of Essex Anglo-Japanese Society
• President & Chairman of Kodo Butoku Renmei
• Senior Technical Advisor: World Federation of Martial Artists
• Former Editor of 'Steve Grayston's MARTIAL ARTS' magazine
• Former Editor of 'Martial Arts Plus' magazine
• Freelance martial arts writer (articles published in 29 martial art magazines worldwide).
• Featured twice in Eikoku News Digest
• Has been featured 86 times in martial art magazines worldwide (including the UK's former Terry O'Neill's FIGHTING ARTS INTERNATIONAL and the Japanese magazine's BUGEIKA and JAPAN KARATE-DO Fan, Koda Shimbun, plus Okinawa Times newspaper.
• Former regular columnist for Traditional Karate Magazine, Combat Magazine, Martial Arts Illustrated and Fighters Magazine (UK).
• Was the first person to introduce the following masters to England:
• Hayashi Teruo-soke 10 Dan (Osaka) Permanent member WUKO Technical Board
• William Stockey-hanshi 10 Dan Shoshikan USA
• Gakiya Yoshiaki-shihan 8 Dan (Okinawa) Senior Master Matayoshi Kobudo
• Kinjo Masakazu-kaicho 8 Dan (Okinawa) Uechi-Ryu Karate
• Mitsuya Seinosuke-shihan 8 Dan (Italy) European Chief Instructor HHSRK
• Shintaku Shiro-hanshi 9 Dan (USA) Founder of Tenshinichiryu
Tokuno Hiroaki-sensei 7 Dan (Osaka, Japan)
• Founder of Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do.
• President & Senior Master Sekai Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei.
• President & Senior Master Yoroppa Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei.
• President & Chairman Zen Eikoku Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei.
Stephen Grayston first started training in Karate in 1964 aged 8, his teacher, the late Tanaka Meiji-kyoshi 9 Dan was a Japanese by birth, yet had lived for over twenty-three years on the island of Okinawa. He taught Kobayashi Shorinryu that he had learned from Choshin Chibana-hanshi and had always felt that he was uchinan (a native) and that Okinawa was his real home. Grayston had travelled to Fulham in south London twice a week until Tanaka-kyoshi had to move to Belgium (Antwerp) because of a family problem concerning his brother. Tanaka-kyoshi passed away in 1997 aged 82 and will be sadly missed by the few students that he had in England and Belgium. When Tanaka moved to Belgium, Grayston studied Shotokan Karate with David Hassard-sensei and also Wado-Ryu Karate with Shinohara Yoshi-sensei and a local Wado teacher. Although, neither of these ryu-ha were the same as the Kobayashi-shorinryu he had learned as a child and the Japanese teaching methods differed greatly from that of the Okinawan way.
In 1984 Grayston decided that it would suit him to combine certain elements of Kobayashi Shorinryu, Shotokan, and Wado-Ryu - to which he did and started to train in this newly formed system. Others wished to participate and learn as they heard of its suitability for westerners and its Okinawan type teaching. For the first year the Ryu was known as Washindo-Ryu, but was soon to be called Shindo-Ryu because the 'reality' is what the style is really about  Today the Ryu plays a prominent part in Anglo-Japanese relations in the UK and regularly hosts international events with visiting Okinawan senior ranked masters. On the Natsu Kosu 1996, Grayston was presented with his hanshi (example teacher) menkyo by Minami Hiroshi-sama (former Deputy Director Embassy of Japan on behalf of Sekai Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei.  This award makes Grayston-hanshi one of only a small handful of England's most senior ranked masters of Karate. On May 20th (2001) Grayston-hanshi was awarded his 9 Dan with the menkyo (licence) being signed by several of the world's leading masters. The menkyo was presented to him by Dr Vernon Bell-hanshi 10 Dan (first Englishman to introduce Karate to England and first Englishman to gain a black belt in Karate). Bell-hanshi said at the award presentation, "I've achieved a lot in my lifetime in Karate, and I look to teachers like Mr Grayston to continue the growth of traditional Karate in England."
As his notoriety spread, the Senate of Maryland were so impressed with his achievements in the art and his dedication to Anglo-Japanese relations, they passed an official Senate RESOLUTION to commemorate his lifetime's work. The RESOLUTION was petitioned for by the Japanese master: Shintaku Shiro-hanshi 9 Dan, who along with the late Vernon Bell-hanshi 10 Dan, Carslake-hanshi 9 Dan, and Whitney-hanshi 8 Dan, added their signatures to Grayston-hanshi's JUDAN (10th Dan) Menkyo which was presented to him at the Kodo Butoku Renmei Butokusai in November 2003. At the same event, Asano-sama (First Secretary) presented Grayston with an official commendation from the Embassy of Japanto commemorate his forty years service in Karate and his achievements with Anglo-Japanese relations.


Bob Billson (left) with Paralympic athlete Ade Adepitan and Dave Lee, founder of Disability Martial Arts Association

Bob Billson holds a third dan grade in Hontai Yoshin Ryu (traditional Ju-Jutsu) obtained in 1993 under 18th Grandmaster Soke Inoue Tsuyoshi  Munetoshi.

Bob also taught Hontai Yoshin Ryu during his time reading third world studies and history at Middlesex University until 1996, and was also president of the athletic union for two consecutive years, promoting sport to all students at the university.

After this time Bob became involved in working with disabled people, firstly through a local Mencap programme, then running a leisure club for people with learning disabilities, and at this time tried to promote the benefits of sport through leisure activities for the members of the club.

In 1999 Bob began a part time post with the London Sports Forum for Disabled People, working to develop and promote sports opportunities for young people with learning disabilities, and in 2003 began full time work as development officer at Special Olympics Great Britain, an organisation dedicated to promoting sports training and competition specifically for people with learning disabilities.

Bob has been involved in the organisation and delivery of ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ for a number of years, and is a keen advocate of Martial Arts for disabled people.

Said Bob ‘ I am proud and honoured to be a patron of the Disability Martial Arts Association which is pro active in challenging martial arts instructors everywhere to open their doors to people with disabilities, and look forward to continuing to assist the organisation in promoting good practice, and encouraging more disabled people to take up martial arts’.

Keith Mewes


I was born in Ashford, Kent. I started training at the age of 6 under the watchful eye of Sensei Peter Boston . I have been training in the Martial Arts for 33 years. I was awarded the Grade of 6th Dan in 2004. I have been very privileged to be graded by some of this country's most talented Judo and Budo masters. It is to those sensei's that I owe everything and my heart felt thanks goes out to them all.

Ronnie Colwell 9th Dan shotokan



For more information please follow the link above

Peter Green 4th Dan


Peter started Judo some 18 years ago. Mainly because his children wanted some support whilst on the mat.  He has always tried to study as many different ways to implement techniques as possible. No two organisations or associations do the same technique the same way. This means He is able to offer his students the best possibility of completing a technique when the time arrives, and have the confidence to initiate it, without panic.  He is unbiased, he dose not think that any one way of teaching is right or wrong, just different, and you can always learn something new, regardless of grade. He will always strive to become better, and pass his knowledge on to anyone willing to learn.

Kate & Nikki Malyon


Kate began training at age of 5, in Judo, as many do. Continued training over last 35 years in several arts including, police ju Jitsu, Kyokushinkai karate, Brithai and Tang Soo Do. Currently 4th Dan in Tang Soo do being founder and Chief instructor of Yong Gi Do Tang Soo Do in Essex. Taught police Ju Jitsu as a serving police officer, taught self defence programmes in colleges of education ( ofsted approved ) Specialist area, self defence and self protection for women and children's development programmes through martial arts. Committed to being a fully inclusive club, focusing on individual potential and enjoyment of the art. (More information to follow)

Rachel Walden


Rachel was infamously born on the day the Falklands conflict began, started in Judo as a young girl. Rachel is now a black belt in Okinawan Karate and CaneMasters, and is also a Defendo student. Rachel teaches and preaches CaneMasters with Chris wherever they go

Wayne Swietoslawski Shihan 7th Dan

Wayne Swietoslawski runs small Ju Jitsu clubs in Herts, Northants and Surrey, mainly training small but enthusiastic groups of students that have sought him out to train them, as opposed to trying different marketing and advertising schemes to try and find students. It all began for Wayne in 1975, at the age of five when his father took him, along with his older brother, to a Ju Jitsu club in order to build his confidence along with his physical stature. He enjoyed his training and developed his skills quickly. His then instructor, the late Sensei Peter Monkman, seemed impressed with Wayne and his brother and would always teach them additional techniques at the end of each class. This spurred them both on to train harder. By the age of 10 Wayne reached black belt under Sensei Monkman with the World Ju Jitsu Federation. Whilst training with Sensei Monkman Wayne also began training with Shihan Ken Culshaw and Shihan Mally Holmes in Welham Green. From then on he attended as many courses, seminars and other martial art clubs as time (and his parents) would allow!

 Shihan Swietoslawski now holds black belts or equivalents in eight martial arts:-


·         7th Dan Waskido Ryu Ju Jitsu,


·         4th Dan Kobudo,


·         3rd Dan Juko Ryu Ju Jitsu,


·         2nd Dan Aiki Jitsu,


·         2nd Dan Kickboxing,


·         1st Dan Choi Kwang Do,


·         1st Dan Dynamic Self Defence,


·         Red sash in Seni Silat Kesatria.

He has trained and fought throughout the world including America, Europe and Asia. Along the way attaining the following honours:-


·         A former Ju Jitsu Champion,


·         British Shaolin Kung Fu Champion,


·         2007 inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Over the years Wayne has had the opportunity to train in America under the likes of:-

bullet Grandmaster Remy Presas 10th Dan Rapid Arnis,
bulletSoke Wally Jay 10th Dan Small Circle Ju Jitsu,
bullet Grandmaster George Dillman 9th Dan Ryukyu Kempo Karate,
bulletMaster Mark Kline Kyusho Jitsu,
bullet Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi 9th Dan Choi Kwang Do,
bulletBill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace 9th Dan Uechi Ryu and Kickboxing,
bulletPendakar William Saunders 10th Dan Silat,
bulletGrandmaster Mark Shuey 10th Dan Canemaster

Across Europe his instructors have included:-

bulletSoke James Blundell 9th Dan Juko Ryu Ju Jitsu,
bulletSoke Richard Morris 10th Dan Ju Jitsu,
bulletProfessor Robert Clark 9th Dan Ju Jitsu,
bulletSoke Brian Dossett 10th Dan Spirit Combat,
bulletKyoshi Patrick McCarthy 8th Dan Karate & Kobudo,
bulletHanshi Alan Tattersall 8th Dan Ju Jitsu,
bulletMaster Donny Siew Shaolin Kung Fu,
bulletShihan Bryan Cheek 7th Dan Juko Ryu Ju Jitsu,
bulletShihan G S Bertoletti – Ju Jitsu,
bulletSensei Colewell 8th Dan - Karate & Ju Jitsu,
bulletShihan L V Ott  - Ju Jitsu,
bulletMaster Sken – Muay Thai,
bulletSoke Dai Leon Jay 9th Dan Small Circle Ju Jitsu,
bulletProf. Terry Parker 8th Dan Ju Jitsu,
bulletGuro John Harvey 8th Dan Rapid Arnis,
bulletSoke Steve Grayston 10th Dan Shindo Ryu Karate,
bulletSifu Kevin Brewerton – Lau Gar (World Champion),
bulletSifu Bob Fermor – Tai Chi and Fon Mor Kuen (5 x World Champion),  
bulletEyal Yalinov – Krav Maga,
bulletSimon Das - Silat.

With such an impressive line up of instructors since 1975, Wayne teaches an eclectic system, predominantly consisting of Ju Jitsu, (but is mindful to keep the attitude of always being a student himself), drawing elements from as many of the arts he has learned as possible, passing this onto his students, and in line with the philosophies of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, lets them decide for themselves to absorb what they find useful and disregard what is not.   Shihan Swietoslawski is the Chief Instructor of Shin Ei Kai Martial Arts, which was set up with Milton Keynes martial arts instructor Delroy Fairclough and also the Senior Master of Waskido Ryu Ju Jitsu. In addition to these associations, Wayne has also forged strong alliances with Itsu Shotokan’s Sensei Trevor Ford in Northampton and Shudan Martial Arts’ Jeff Gonsalves in Wellingborough, where these instructors teach and train together. He is also a patron to the Disability Martial Arts Association charity.


 Steven Timperley



Steven served twenty-two years in the British Army from 1986 - 2008.  He completed seven operational tours of duty, many of which he was employed in specialist roles in often hazardous and hostile environments.  After one particular deployment he was awarded a ‘General Officer Commanding’s Commendation’ for services rendered.  During his military career Steven was an advisor and instructor to various military units regarding personal security, self-defence and physical intervention training.  

Steven holds of a wide variety of national accredited qualifications to instruct weapons awareness and recognition, physical intervention and fitness related activities.  He is also highly qualified to teach personal security, self-defence and an array of pragmatic martial arts systems.  Over the years Steven has amassed a wealth of practical knowledge and firsthand experience relating directly to violence in its various forms.

For many years Steven has supported his local community teaching self-defence and advising various organisations including educational establishments (staff & pupils) on personal security issues.  During his career he has gained a strong reputation as being an individual who cares and commits 100% to those he instructs and it is this dedication to others that has been reported as admirable on a variety of occasions.  He has been featured heavily in many regional newspapers, appeared in various martial arts magazines, as a guest on BBC radio talking about personal security issues and on television with some of his students.

To date Steven has been recognised both nationally and internationally for his contribution to the martial arts and he is fast becoming a much sort after Personal Safety Specialist.  Impressively Steven was the first member of the Combined Armed Forces to have received the highly prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Register of Exercise Professionals in 2004.


“Steve Timperley is not only a great coach, but he is someone with firsthand operational experience in dealing with life threatening situations.  He was one of the Army's elite self-protection instructors whose pragmatic approach to training has yielded exceptional operational results.  However, in spite of Steve's obvious exceptional ability and undisputed operational track record, he is a humble and likeable man who has a natural ability to make everyone seem at ease in his presence.”  

Mark Dawes - National Tutor & Director of the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) & Author of ‘Understanding Reasonable Force’.

“Steven Timperley represents the modern face of Martial Arts and Self-Protection. He has forged a first-class system, blending the best of traditional martial arts and the modern concepts of personal combat.  He has military experience to add to the mix and the end result is an effective system from a highly respected instructor.”

Peter Consterdine - Author, International Security Consultant & joint Chief Instructor of the British Combat Association. 


Terry Wingrove:


9th Dan Ju-Jitsu (EJJU, IJJF),
8th Dan Karate (FAJKO, WUKO),
3rd Dan Aikido, 3rd Dan Judo

Terry was born in London on 8th May 1941. Terry enjoys teaching and is in constant demand all over the world, where he has built up a following amongst serious students of martial arts. Terry is non-political regarding martial arts and truly enjoys imparting his extensive knowledge to students and teachers of all ages and grades. He refuses payment for his teaching saying he teaches because he “wants to”, not “because he has to”. Terry is always happy to discuss any matters on Karate or martial arts. 

Sensei Albie O'Connor



Born in 1955, Albie O'Connor-sensei began training in karate at the age of 17 and gained his shodan, first Dan, in 1979. Six years later, O'Connor-sensei became the Chief Instructor of Sessen-Ryu Karate Kai, and in 1987 qualified as a weapons instructor with the Nippon Dai Budo Kai. As a qualified MAC Sports Council Coach for more than 15 years, and with a coaching award from BAWLA (British Amateur Weight Lifters' Association), O'Connor-sensei is a well qualified coach, as well as a highly experienced sensei; in 1989, O'Connor-sensei received an award for best instructor. Today, he is an NVQ Assessor, a member of the NCF (National Coaching Foundation) and a qualified first aid instructor. Some years after starting to train in kobudo, O'Connor-sensei passed his shodan, first dan, in kobudo through the IOKA, and the following year, 1996, was awarded the position of shidouin, again by the IOKA, certifying him as a kobudo instructor and examiner. In 1998, O'Connor-sensei traveled to Japan to study kobudo and was awarded his sandan, third dan, by the IOKA in Kochi City, Japan.  Over the next few years, O'Connor-sensei  traveled extensively throughout Japan and Okinawa to further his training and research, studying under the likes of Kinjo-sensei kyudan, ninth dan.

Sensei Martin Peterson Vice President/Head Coach  Frederiksvaer Selvforsvar Denmark




Sensei Martin Started martial arts at the  age of 13 year, at that time he was a part of the Danish organisation DAJK (Dansk Aikido og Karate Forbund) who was the Danish department of the Japanese organisation IMAF (International Martial Arts Federation). He soon became an instructor for the children classes and after school classes. At the age of 18 he became official member of the board, the same time he was graduated Black Belt, the year 1994 (18 year is the bottom limit for black belt in the organisation). DAJK was splitting up and 2 new organisations where started, DABS and DJJF. Frederiksværk Selvforsvar decided to join DABS. After some time we stopped the co-operation with DABS and Sensei Martin as the Head Coach had to decided which way to lead his budoka. Sensei Martin started op Ki-JuJitsu in Denmark the same year and their are now an in depended club. The board decided to get a network going, and they started a friendship organisation. Latest news is their new friends in England which resulted in Sensei Martin starting up a class for disability martial arts (in Danish Handicap)

Shizu: Clifford Hyde-Gomes Founder of Chum Kune Do Martial Arts Academy



Clifford Hyde-Gomes born1951, and his martial arts history goes back to 1960 at the age of 9 years old, his father used to teach him boxing, but as he always used to be away from home due to his work, his father enrolled him into a martial arts school, and this is how it all started.

Kalari from 1960 to 1964 Master Bhattacharjee in Dacca East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) (4 years)  Bando Kickboxing 1964 to 1970 Mr Dodo Mia in Dacca years Jitsu Ruy 1970 to 1972  Sensei Hasimoto in Dacca,  1st Dan Black Belt (2 years)

He stopped for 8 years due to the war with Hindu and Muslim, where schools were burnt or closed down. At that time He worked with the United Nation Merchant Marines for 5 years. And the British High Commission, Dacca, for 3 years in the Security department He came to England in 1979

Shaolin Fist Kung Fu 1979 to 1987 under master, Yop Leong. 2 Dan Black Sash London.(8 years)        Tae Kwon Do ITF 1 year and 6 month 1986 to 1988 master Ree Ki Ha, 2nd Dan Black Belt.(2 years) Karate 1986 to 1993. Under Shihan Raymond Lee 4th Dan Black Belt Chinese Kickboxing 1990 to date 5th Dan (Awarded on 2002 by  WUMA Awarded a Certificate by WUMA Master of the Martial Arts 1999

Chum Kune Do 9thDan  Black Belt  (Awarded on  2008 by Black Belt International ) Chum Kune Do (Eurasian Martial Arts)   1990 to date he is the Founder of Chum Kune Do Martial Arts Academy Master and Chief Instructor of Chum Kune Do 1999    3 times UK Hall of Fame Presented by the World United Martial Arts Association  2000 International Referee Certificate (WUMA Italy) Medway Sport Award 2004 Nominated by University of Kent & Medway Council. 3 times Pride in Medway 2005 to 2007 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Medway for Outstanding Achievement. By Medway Council, Medway Messenger, University of Kent & MHS Homes Group.  2006 National Martial Arts Award for Dedication & Commitment to Martial Arts, By British National Martial Arts Association.

Awarded Community Champion Certificate of Merit by Kent Community Foundation 2007.   USA Hall of Fame 2007   USA Hall of Honor & Fame 2010 Grand Master England (UK)                                                      

He has coached my students from inter-school, county, British, International to become World Champion in Kung Fu, Karate, and Kickboxing in forms and contact fighting.

Alan Foster President / Founder of the World Martial Council 


                                        Click on the badge above for website

Began training in Judo at the York Railway Institute in 1961.

 1966 began training in Shukokai Karate but changed to Shotokan Karate and awarded 3rd Dan in 1972.

 1975 moved to West Yorkshire and opened the first residential martial arts academy in Keighley and taught on a full-time basis.  Founded the Foshinka Dai system of Karate that gained over 400 trophies in 18 months at events across the UK and Europe.

 1976 moved back to York and founded the British Union of Karate and Kung-fu Associations (BUKKA) in an attempt to unify Karate and Kung-fu, and was awarded the grade of 4th Dan at this time.

Opened 31 schools of Karate across Yorkshire and Lancashire and was awarded the grade of 5th Dan in 1981.

 1987 awarded the grade of 6th Dan.

 1992 founded the World Martial Arts Council

 1994 awarded 7th Dan

1998 trained and managed the British Squad that took 47 trophies and the World Cup at the World Martial Arts Championships in Groningen, Holland.

 2000 began to study Humanities, World Religions, Sociology and International Studies with the Open University.

 2002 awarded 8th Dan

2003 obtained a BSc (Hons) degree.

2004 began study at York St John University College of Leeds (now York St John University).

 2006 obtained a Masters (MA) in Theology and Religious Studies from Leeds University, and attempted to form a martial arts partnership with Huddersfield University that eventually showed no interest in the concept.

 2008 began a research degree at the University of Wales and will upgrade from MPhil to PhD in 2011.

 2008-2010 engaged in expanding the World Martial Arts Council on a global basis and travelled extensively around Europe and Asia.  During this period met Charles Spring of the University of Derby and the University/Martial Arts concept became a reality.  This is now proving to be an enormous success and overseas academic institutions and their professors are showing great interest in becoming involved.

 President of the World Martial Arts Council and currently engaged on the creation of the world’s first residential martial arts village in the Philippines and on developing the first martial arts and cultural centre in the United Kingdom.  It is envisaged both these venues will provide academic courses in conjunction with the University of Derby on an international level, and arrange student cultural exchanges and competitions at all levels.

 The World Martial Arts Council now has a membership of over 500,000 in 23 countries.