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Presidential Officers


Master Haydn Bridgeland or charity  President


Master Haydn Bridgeland started is Martial Arts journey after being transfixed by the ‘Kung Fu’ tv   program in the 70’s. He was   lucky enough to train in Judo, while at school,  it was either that or a cold wet cross country run, he also took up Ju-Jitsu, he was   hooked at the first lesson. He continued while in the Royal Navy, where He also   learnt Kendo and took several self defence seminars.  When he left the Navy and   settled down with his wife and started a family, children arrived and as the years passed, is son decided he wanted to learn a Martial Art, and so he enrolled him at a local TKD/Kickboxing school. He enjoyed it so much, both Master Haydn and his wife  joined, later followed by his daughter. He learnt much at this  school, and left with another Black Belt and certification as an Instructor. He has  five other Black Belts set about running a school of his own and after two  years he left to found a club of his own, thus in 2004 Apex Martial Arts Academy was opened. He wants to run a club that is truly open to all abilities and can now rank 5 to 80 year olds amongst his students and include rather than exclude, many students who have been turned away by other sports clubs due to their inability to see past the physical or mental restraints endured by some. Master Haydn presently works in local schools and for the district council during the day and run Apex in the evenings and weekends. He is a member of Black Belt International, British National Martial Arts Association, Canemaster International and Disability Martial Arts Association.

Chris Bird or Charity Vice President


Chris started training with his father at the age of 7, and continued on and off whilst away at school. His interest was renewed at 14 whilst helping his father develop an unarmed combat and riot control programme for the Naval base where his father worked. He joined the Royal Navy and travelled around learning what ever was available and later served in the Gulf. Chris runs and teaches at the BOKB in Hampshire and also teaches Seido, a soft form. Chris is also a CaneMasters instructor and teaches around the country, as well as being a Defendo student, Chris, Rachel travel to learn from different instructors around the country

John Brooks 3dan in Iaido and 5th Dan Sankukai Karate Joint Deputy Vice President


ohn Brookes is a visually impaired martial artist who teaches and practices Iaido - classical Japanese sword. He also practices Sankukai Karate, Aiki Jujitsu and Judo He as been around martial arts for 30 + years In order to assist John's training he sometimes uses a monocular and uses a symbol cane when necessary. He is a very keen martial artist and gives 110% in everything he does.

Sensei Dale Sinclair 6th Dan Shotokan Joint Deputy Vice President

Dale has been involved in martial arts for 35+ years He holds 6th Dan Shotokan and 1st Dan Iaido.  Dale started in Wado-Ryu with is Dad then on to practising Shukokai Karate again with is Dad he then went to  Shotokan class with a friend and enjoyed it so much he stayed.  Dale has trained in other martial Arts with friends who practice different systems from Teakwondo to Wing Chun. Along came Iaido 4 or so years ago which he now train's along side is Shotokan