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USA & Canada Patrons and Ambassadors


Grand Master Mark SHUEY SR USA  President


Originally from the San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Mark moved to Lake Tahoe in 1976 where he still resides. In high school and college, his primary focus was bodybuilding, wrestling, and swimming. Starting Martial Arts in 1970 in the Chuck Norris System of Tang Soo Do, he received his 1st degree Black Belt in 1978 under Master Harold Gross and Master Neil Citron, and started teaching the martial arts in 1979. In September of 1999 he was promoted to 7th degree by the USMA.

Mark has degrees in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. He has a Master’s Certification with USNKA (United States National Karate Assoc.), ATAMA (American Teacher’s Assoc. of the Martial Arts), USMA (United States Martial Arts Association), as well as the Independent Karate School Association. Mark is also the Head of Cane Instruction and Nevada State Director for the International Combat Hapkido Federation.

Shuey is a top competitor in Martial Art Tournaments. He was rated competitor of the year in 1994 with the National Coalition of Martial Artists. In 1997, he was rated number 2 in overall points in the Pacific Rim Tour Tournament circuit. Also in the same year, he was rated number one in weapons and katas in M.A.R.R.S for his age division and number two in overall points. On November 14th, 1998 he attended the Unified World Martial Arts Federation year end banquet, and walked away with 1st place winnings in each of 4 categories: Forms Katas, Weapons, Kumite (sparring), and won overall Grand Champion in both weapons and forms. Within that same year, Mark also took the Grand Champion in Kata’s at the finals held in Lake Tahoe for the Golden State Karate Assoc. (GSKA) as well as taking first place in the senior weapons and traditional open. After taking the National title in senior weapons in IMAC, Shuey was also awarded Competitor of the Year by IKSA. In 1999, Mark reached his goal of taking NASKA’S World and National, Masters Weapons Title, and IMAC’S National title. For 2000 he defended his World Champion title for NASKA and won top honors in the World for the KRANE Ratings.

In 1998, he was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers, and Legends Hall of Fame as a “Master Instructor”, as well as 1999. The year 2000 saw Shuey inducted into the USMA hall of Fame, as well as the prestigious World Head of Family Sokeship Hall of Fame, and for 2001 the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame. IN 2003 BLACK BELT MAGAZINE HONORED GM SHUEY WITH WEAPONS INSTUCTOR OF THE YEAR.

Mark has been promoting tournaments in the martial arts since 1980, and has hosted over 16 tournaments of his own. Because of his love for the Cane, his weapon of choice, he was one of the founders and now sole owner of “Cane Masters”. This company has introduced the Cane to a greater audience in the martial arts community, as well as senior citizens and the physically challenged. Furthermore, Mark travels throughout the world giving seminars on using the cane for self-defense as well as exercise. At the start of 2000, Shuey formed the Cane Masters International Association for students of the cane and to certify instructors for his system.

Mark started practicing Yoga in 1985, and incorporated it into his martial arts to develop more flexibility, mind control, chi flow, breathing, visualization, and health. He believes through Martial Arts and Yoga, one can learn discipline, self-confidence, strength, flexibility, and total body balance. As a result, he has formed a new company, YogaPlay, which produces instructional videos for yoga practitioners of all backgrounds.

Professor Ed McLachlan  Deputy Vice President Canada



Professor Ed McLachlan began training in the martial arts at the age of 10 and has continued training and teaching for 50+ years beginning in Scotland, where he was born, and later to Canada where he continues his passion. Prof McLachlan is the owner and head instructor of E & T Martial Arts and Founder of Dora-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu (Tiger Jiu Jitsu).

In 1984, he survived a quadruple heart bypass and was part of a new research procedure which is now a common surgery to many.      

In 1991, he was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year. Also in 1991, he was presented with the Queen’s Commemorative Medal by the Federal Government for having made significant contributions to Canada and his Community. He has also received the Provincial Government Award for Amateur Sports achievements in Jiu-Jitsu.      

In 1993, he was presented with the Special Achievement Award from the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Association for Amateur Sports.      

Prof. McLachlan has also been the recipient of the City of St. Thomas Civic Award for Community involvement.      

In March 1996, he was one of seven candidates in Canada selected to undergo a new research heart surgery procedure called T.M.R. (Transmyocardial Revascularization) performed by surgeons at the University Hospital of Western Ontario, London.     

 In the year 2000, he started a team of 5 physically and/or mentally challenged adults, teaching them the basics of the Martial Arts, and they have just recently accomplished the green belt level. They named their team “The 5 Dragons” and perform demonstrations all over Ontario and in March 2005 they had the opportunity to perform demo’s and compete in the Arnold Schwarzeneggar Martial Arts Festival held in Columbus Ohio.

Prof. McLachlan created programs on “Street Awareness” for adults, children and the physically challenged and does seminars for groups of children and adults all over Ontario.     

 In October 2003, he was bestowed a great honour in receiving his Professorship and Doctorate in the Martial Arts and his 10th Degree in the World Martial Arts. He is currently President of The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Canada and President of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame for People with Special Needs for the World.

In May 2004, he received the Sokeship Award, the Life Humanitarian Award, the Golden Life Achievement Award of Excellence and Grandmaster Award of the Year at the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies in Florida.     

 International Board Member of the WKUHOF (World Karate Union Hall of Fame).

Other Community Involvements include:
• President Global Martial Arts Association
• Member of the International Order of Oddfellows ( I.O.O.F.)
• Member of the Independent Order of Foresters
• Golf Tournament organizer and fundraiser for: Child Can, Heart & Stroke, Jesse’s Journey and the Elgin Association for Community Living.
• Past Member of Big Brothers, St. Thomas Kiwanis, Special Olympics, Sunshine Foundation of Canada, Junior Soccer Coach and Coach for 10-Pin Bowling.


Tina Fuller USA Patron


Fuller began learning martial arts in Vulcan, MI under Instructor L. Anderson with her son, Keenan when he was seven years old. In 2003, established a martial arts school in Gwinn, MI called Black Dragon Tae Kwon do where she began teaching students ranging from six years old to adults. Fuller also returned to her original school in Vulcan, MI as head instructor after the death of L. Anderson to help his remaining students complete their ranking goals. In 2009, founded Black Dragon Martial Arts Club Inc. to train at-risk youth with the outstanding values the martial arts have to offer. She puts a lot of emphasis on training and discipline. Her classes offer a safe training environment to anyone who enters the training floor. She also has been involved with teaching students with various disabilities including deaf, blind, and amputations. Her greatest pride was to see one of her young handicapped adults take on the challenge of competing in weaponry (Bo) at a local competition and without the use of hands, seeing him place in the top 3 in his division. Judges were not aware of his handicap until he accepted his award. Fuller strongly believes that anyone can achieve greatness in the martial arts if they are encouraged. It is the responsibility of the instructor to take the time and effort to help them achieve it. Apart from teaching martial arts at various locations in Michigan and Wisconsin Fuller offers various services to the community. Through Black Dragon Martial Arts she hosts a summer martial arts program at the Sands Township for at risk children, self defense seminars and has lead martial art demonstrations at several local events for youth.

Belt: Black  Martial Art Style: Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Eskrima   Instructor/ Coach for: Black Dragon Martial Arts- Team Black Dragon 

Martial Arts School and founder of: Black Dragon Martial Arts Club Inc.  Location: Marquette, Michigan (USA)  Grand master: GM Kevin Schoenebeck

Instructor(s)/ Coaches: GM Kevin Schoenebeck (TKD, Eskrima) Jason Inay, Mike Rankinen (Eskrima), Jeff Scott (Judo), GM Rudy Timmerman (Weaponry)

Affiliations/ Associates: Midwest Association of Professional Martial Artist (MAPMA); Association of Professional Martial Artist (APMA); North Korean Martial Arts Association (NKMAA) 

Years in Martial Arts Training: 13  Years in Competition: 12 Occupation: Real estate appraiser, writer, artist, martial arts instructor, video editor.  Hobbies: Reading, writing, painting, drawing, blogs

John Millard Ambassador Canada

John Millard began his Martial Arts training (Judo) in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada in 1968. John competed actively in Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta until 1988.  In 1998 John began studying Okinawan Karate (Na Ha Te) under instruction from Thomson Sensei (San Dan) in Vancouver British Columbia. John and Thomson Sensei established the Lower Mainland Brain Injury Karate Club for survivors of Acquired Brain Injury in 2001. In 2005 John was promoted to Shodan, and the club was later renamed the Leonard Cheshire Budokai Karate Club when the Cheshire Homes Society of British Columbia began actively funding the club.        

The club instruction is voluntary, and John’s daughter Chantelle (see picture) is a student of the club, and a survivor of a brain injury. John’s wife Chris, son Jamie and daughter Krystal are also very active in Karate (Gima-Ha Shotokan) in British Columbia.

 John is delighted at the opportunity to act as an Ambassador in Canada, and abroad, for the Disability Martial Arts International Association.