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Comments and Feedback Page

I'm proud of you Dave, I always new you had the ability to teach as you soak up the martial arts like a sponge. Keep doing what you are doing - and I'd like to see you teaching more at Kodo Butoku Renmei events like our Kodosai - I'll be in touch on that.

All the best Dave

Stephen Grayston Patron

I read the tributes on the website- wonderful. ... train the student not the disability. All students are treated the same and are expected to try their best and not give up. Not many instructors will take the time.

It is a challenge- more for me than the student. We spend a lot of hours working on technique modifications so everyone can achieve the same results.

Tina Fuller

See her on Face book

Hi all I would just like to say that Dave is a is a shining example of what is possible with determination and dedication, I am proud to be a part of the association, well done Dave keep up the good work, everyone here at the DMAA Patrons are right behind you,

Pete Ellis Owner / Founder/ Chief Instructor Global Tactical Combative Solutions

"Mr. Lee.....thank you for the friend request.  I don't know you but the fact that you're the Founder CEO of an incredible organization.  I am a correspondent photographer for Tae Kwon Do Times magazine and I just submitted a story called "Kicking Against the Odds."  It's a story about a young man with Downs Syndrome who just achieved his black belt.  So I am all about public awareness for these true warriors.  If I am ever in the UK again, I'd love to meet and do a story on you and your organization.   Take care!"

Richard Moss

Face Book

"thank u for the friend request you doing a good job  disability martial arts keep up the good work Dave"

hi I would just like to say to all off you that you doing a good job on disability martial arts my heart goes out to you all

Patricia Morrill

Face Book

"the kata in the chair was different never seen that before it was cool my friend"

Nick Scott

Face Book

Thank you Dave for taking the time to put together a group that I am sure we help us all to get a better understanding of how we can offer our products to disabled people every where.
 A disability does not mean that the person doesn't want to do the martial arts nor that they cannot be as good or better than anyone else. It may mean that we just need to adjust things a bit and be flexible but these are good things not bad.

Its the person that matters and I hope we can do what ever we can to help anyone out there in our area who wants to do martial arts.

My Mother had MS but until she got very bad she always wanted to do things her self and I never saw here as anything different she was my mother not a disabled person and I am proud to help as many people as we can to get the most from there lives, with your help I hope we can change some peoples view on what a disability really is.

Many thanks to you for your work.

Adam Illidge

Face Book

"thanks for sharing your demo....that was inspiring.....bravo!  my daughter was very impressed....."

Marie West

Face Book

"Everyone has a right to a "life" regardless of their disability - this is an excellent association that will make so much difference to so many existing and budding martial artists lives who otherwise may have given up or just not even bothered to start with - many many congratulations to everyone involved with this on a job well done :-)"

Jenni Mills

Face Book

"I couldn't even imagine Dave.  But congrats to you for continuing your martial arts training (and life!).  Truly, TRULY inspirational."

Richard Moss

Face Book

Hi Dave,
it is my proud to be in your group. Martial Arts makes all of us strong

Greets from Germany,

David G Huss

Face Book

Hi Dave,
I just added my school to your website database. I myself am visually impaired and disabled. I do not run or operate a commercial style program, I teach for free to anyone interested. Though that is how I have taught even prior to my injuries. I believe strongly that my martial arts background is what assisted me in getting through and dealing with my impairments. I have had the pleasure of providing training at the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind to both their Instructors as well as their clients. I now reside in the San Antonio, Texas area and I have been providing self defense and martial arts classes to adults. Unfortunately I no longer teach children, but I do teach all adults of all ages and regardless of thier current abilities. I think your program provides a great service to the World of Martial Arts. I thank you for taking the time and the devotion to assist students in finding a teacher.
Michael Zang

what an amazing association .. and an inspiration ... its an honour to be part of this group :D ... x

Roxy Jade

Face Book

Hey everyone,

I'm a physiotherapist from Australia and I work for the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland. I work with children with physical and neurological impairments, and in the past I have recommended some of my little clients, who have mild cerebral palsy, to do martial arts as an after school activity i.e. Tae Kwan do, Karate or Judo. It improves their strength, balance and co-ordination, and most importantly their self confidence. Itís a fantastic opportunity for them to meet other kids, and all the instructors have always been welcoming and accommodating. These wonderful children can experience discrimination on a daily basis, and unfortunately they may always will until society continues to breaks down its barriers, so as a therapist to see them grow into confident young individuals have been very rewarding!

And letís not forget Ė Martial arts is fun! Iím a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts so I know it personally!

Kyeong McPherson

Face Book


Hi Dave,
I like the change, and i think that there should be more like this as we are all one in the same big world, so to have some inspiration like this is great, thank to all those that put in lets do more.

Anita Sainsbury

Face Book

Congratulations Dave for being voted Charity of the Year by British Sport and Sportspage, one of the biggest highlights of my life in martial arts was teaching for you at the breaking down the barriers in 2007, an amazing and mind expanding day, look forward to meeting up soon.


Sensei Clive Turner


You are doing a great thing by presenting this opportunity and offering this service. The only people who can not are those who will not try. There is a martial arts style and a great instructor out there for just about everyone who really wants to train, work and study the martial arts and combat arts.


ďA Mind Once Stretched By Idea, Never Regains Its Original Dimensions.Ē A martial artist spirit is an amazing Spirit.

Thank you,

Zurriane Bennett, Sensei


Wheelchair warriors show fighting spirit

MARTIAL artists with and without disabilities delivered a striking display of the 'Ways of the Warrior' at a University of Derby event in Buxton.

They demonstrated their skills in various fighting disciplines at the first Disability Martial Arts Association one-day exhibition. It was held at the University of Derby's Devonshire Campus in Buxton on Saturday 29 March 2008.

Martial arts students and instructors, attended the event, the first one held by the UK association.
Attractions included:

* Cane-jitsu - a demonstration of a new form of self defence which enables an elderly person, or someone with a disability, to incorporate the use of their walking stick into adapted ju-jitsu moves,

* a mixed martial arts skills demonstrated by wheelchair user Dave Lee;

* attendance at the event by blind aikido instructor, Steve Fyffe.

Charles Spring - Programme Leader for the Joint Honours Martial Arts Theory and Practice degree at the University of Derby's Devonshire Campus in Buxton - is an ambassador for the Disability Martial Arts Association and jointly organised Saturday's event.

His students are among the very few in the UK to learn how to instruct people with disabilities in martial arts as part of their degree course.

Curtsey of Buxton Advertiser