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Founding DMAA (UK)


Dave Lee our Chairman and founder was a keen martial artist before being seriously injured in a car accident in 1990 at 35 years old. The car accident happened when he and his family were on their way to a shopping trip. A speeding motorist ploughed into their car at a junction. Lyn Daveís wife and four year old son Stephen escaped with minor injuries but Dave took the full impact.

He suffered spinal damage on impact  and his L1 to L5 & S1. He was rushed to hospital where doctors told him he would never walk again. Daveís life changed when he became paralysed from the waist down.  Not only Dave but for his whole family.

Daveís eldest son Stephen, now 26, had to adapt to seeing his dad confined to his wheelchair. His youngest son, Matthew age 16, has never seen his father walk. For many years Dave has had to battle with deteriorating health, mentally, and physically. Dave has suffered from depression and has even contemplated suicide many times. Despite being in a wheelchair and being dyslexic Dave decided to further his education. He now has two diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Psychotherapy. He is also an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner. Dave is now a Qualified First Aid Instructor and Assessor.

Dave used to take his sonís, to a Taekwondo Club twice a week, he used to sit in the corner of the club and watch is sonís going through their paces in the class, wishing and hoping that he could find someone who would teach him. His motto is never give up.  In his mind he would go through the pattern with them, and take on board the techniques, and convert them to work for him.

After years of searching, and disappointment Dave met Mary Sellen a 5th Dan Master with 23 years experience in Taekwondo and runs the Taipan WTF Taekwondo Club. Mary had never taught anyone with any type of disability before she met Dave. When asked why she agreed to teach Dave Mary said she wanted to teach the person not the disability. After intensively training with Mary for 5 months, Mary graded him to a blue belt in Taekwondo. After a great deal of thought Mary has developed a pattern where hand movements can represent kicks. Dave and others like him will be able to benefit for years to come. Mary said after all we all have some form of disability we have to conquer in our lives. In October 2006 Dave achieved his red belt. In April 2007 Dave achieved black tag 1st Kup. Not bad for a 51 year old. (Dave also has a black belt Kung Fu and Karate. before his car accident) 

Dave was introduced to Grandmaster Larry Marks by Mary Sellen; Larry welcomed Dave with open arms. Dave has now taken up Aiki Jutsu and KenJutsu under the watchful eye of Kyoshi Marks Sempai Appleby and Sempai Crooks. Kyoshi Marks has 30 years Martial Arts experience, and is the 38th Kyoshi [Grandmaster] of Zen Kyo Shin Ryu and runs the Ronin Dojo. On the 19th November 2006 Dave along with Mary Sellen was presented with a gold medal from Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan TY-GA Karate International. At the TYGA world open championships. Dave for is Warrior spirit and Mary for training him.

A bit more information on Dave Lee

Inducted into the London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2007

International Martial Arts Award for 43 years Dedication to Martial Arts 2007

Chief instructor/ and Founder of Tsui-Jitsu Shin Do Ryu 2007

World Disability Martial Arts President for the World Organization of Self Defence 2007

Lifetime Member of the World Judo Alliance 2008

Disability Executive Officer Global Tactical Combative Solutions 2009 

Head of Division for Disability Traditional Martial Arts within Kodo Butoku Renmei.. 2009