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Introducing you to the Disability Martial Arts Association


The Disability Martial Arts Association is a wide ranging support network for people with all types of disabilities. We have a fundamental belief that people come first and disability is second. A common bond that unites us all is the many able bodied people, that are indifferent of our problems in the big outside world.

Each year approximately 1,000 men, women and children become paralysed due to an accident or illness.  Through sport these people whose lives have been traumatically changed, can have an outlet for their frustrations and energy. By focussing on something they can do, and potentially can excel in, increased confidence and a positive outlook can be achieved and this can influence other areas of their lives.

The Association covers all of the UK & Internationally . We set up a data base of all Martial Art Clubs and Associations that will teach  people with all abilities. When people phone or email us we can tell them of a Martial Arts Club in their area of the UK & Internationally that will cater for people with all types of disabilities.

The main aim of the charity is to promote martial arts and raise awareness, of people with disability’s who wish to return or take up  martial arts  and improve their health and a have a better way of life.

The Association will raise funds for sports and stand-up wheelchairs for those who need them also to raise funds for other types of equipment. We wish to put on martial arts events every year to raise the funds.

The Charity’s new objects are, The relief of the disabled persons who are dependent on others for their daily care by provision of advice, assistance, support and information to such persons and those, especially spouses, partners and relatives, who have an unpaid responsibility for their daily care and treatment (“The Carers”). (The relief of poverty and mental or physical sickness or suffering amongst carers defined in the above object).