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Executive Officers


        Dave Lee CEO Chairman/Founder & 6th Dan Chief Instructor







Richard Burford Vice Chairman, V.P DMAIC,

3rd Dan Freestyle Karate

Charity Instructor

I started martial arts at the age of 11 in August 1986 due to being bullied at school. I began training in Kenilworth, Warwickshire in a style called Sakiado under the name of Peter Baines. This style of martial art was basically Korean based. Starting a martial art could not have been better as it gave me a huge boost in confidence. After a number of year’s I began to filter away from this establishment in order to join a freestyle organisation named U.K.A.S.K.O. (The United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organization.) It was through this organisation where I gained my black belt in 1994. From here on in the club I was affiliated to linked up to another freestyle organization & from here on in we began to formulate our own system of fighting. All the way through my martial arts career I have trained under an able-bodied syllabus, the reason I mention this is that I have a weakness on the left side of my body. The medical term for this is called Heamopleagic. This is down to slight scarring on the right hand side of my brain that mirrors over to the left hand side of my body. I am pleased to say I have managed so far and will continue to do so that I have reached a 3rd Dan status.



Nick Scott Deputy Vice Chairman DVP DMAIC

8th Dan Takeda-Karate Hull

Nick Scott started in martial arts in 1973 he was just a teenager at the age of thirteen, he used to get bullied a lot at school when he was in junior school so he took up boxing then went on to karate. Nick took to karate like a duck to water his first sensei was frank Haynes what a black belt he was he worked hard to get Nick through his kyu grades then he passed away what a shame that was Nick achieved is first Dan in 1976 with sensei’s pete ablitt and Kevin o’loughlin Nick got diabetes in jan 1976 he coped with that worked really hard to open his first clubs he had a great many students about 60 in his clubs then he started to go up in his dan grades that to him was really great. Nick’s grading history is 1st Dan 1976 2nd Dan 78 3rd Dan 81 4th Dan 85 5th Dan 90 6th Dan 2006 the reason for a long period from 5th and 6th Dan is because Nick had kidney frailer had a transplant in 2005 and Nick just had 2 heart attacks on mothers day this year so he is letting his Dan grades look after his clubs until he is ready to return. Nick has done gardening's in Italy for the W.T.K.A. (world traditional karate association) and been to Middlesbrough and Hartlepool to do them as well he does kata judging as well he got his 6th Dan in Shotokan karate  Nick loves doing karate just to keep the kids of the streets it is a passion to him. When Nick had his kidney transplant he was back at karate within 2 weeks he couldn’t stay away its hard for him now to keep from teaching the kids but he has a good wife who is a 4th Dan and great instructors at the club they will not let Nick do anything till its time for him to come back slowly which his think is dedication to him. Nick has done self defence for the Hull city Council and has never let any of his students down. He is on a grading panel for tradka in Leeds, and he help’s any martial arts club if they get stuck with anything.

Lyn Lee Treasurer